I usually cover TV, movies, and games here, and this year I want to do a better job of keeping track of comics I’m reading, especially if it’s a new series. One of the recent new series I’ve been enjoying (2nd issue came out this week) is this series called White (which makes it horribly […]

Erno & Rubi

This is a nice little bit of interactive storytelling (more than a game) and well worth taking the time to check out, especially since it’s free. Taking inspiration from the movements of a Rubik’s Cube, you move aspects of the scene around, creating a story for the two characters that are represented within. It features […]


I came across this for the first time when I was browsing through Glixel’s top 50 games of 2016 list. Since it’s free-to-play, I took it for a spin at lunch time, and had a pretty good time even just going through the tutorial fights (and then a few practice matches). It’s got a great […]