Black Rain

I remember loving this movie so damn much, thinking that Japan looked so incredibly cool as a place and setting (and this was years before I had any thought of moving there). I was quite worried that it wouldn’t have aged well, but I was pleased to see that it’s still quite enjoyable as a […]

Mystery Train

This is my favorite Jim Jarmusch film (and I love his movies in general) and I was very pleased at how much I still enjoyed it — I don’t think I had seen it since its original release. Yes, the two Japanese actors absolutely steal the show, and I’d say I probably appreciate them even […]

The Abyss

A great and underrated film at the time, and it’s still great. It’s got the great tech/mech components we expect (and that I love) from James Cameron movies, with a terrific cast (Michael Biehn everyone), and interesting sci-fi/otherworldly happenings. I know we’re about to get a bunch of Avatar movies (which does feel more like […]