Codex 52

A new episode of the Codex (52) is up, for your listening pleasure. As I mention on the show — which I also did in my post about the next PauseTalk — if you like the Codex, then you’ll probably dig our live sessions of Radio OK Fred, happening next week, on May 3 and […]

Heading to Milan

I’m heading to Milan! Leaving in just a bit for a trip to the Milano Salone, where we’ll be hosting 4 specialPechaKucha events at a temporary club space built by Heineken just for the Salone, designed by a group of up and coming designers we helped find through a series of special PechaKucha Nights in Sao […]

PauseTalk Vol. 59

I don’t quite know what happened for April’s PauseTalkVol. 59, but not only did we beat the attendance of last month (which was already high) with a total of about 30, but it also marked the first visit of PechaKucha co-founder (and my boss) Mark Dytham at the event. I was very happy to hear afterward that […]

PauseTalk Vol. 58

No, these are not the participants from this month’sPauseTalk — which was a fantastic event, but more on that in another post — these are rather the participants from March’s PauseTalk Vol. 58 (held on March 5) which I hadn’t put online yet. As you’ll see from the rather extensive list — again, these are […]

Using Paper

I’ve quickly become a big fan of Paper, an app for iPad that does a fantastic job of letting you easily draw, sketch, and write things on your iPad. I should also add paint, as it does a beautiful job of replicating water colors on the screen, not just the intensity, but the mixing of […]