PauseTalk + Magazine Library


You may have been wondering what’s going on with the May edition of PauseTalk, which not only is Vol. 60, but also marks the 6th anniversary of the series. It will be a special edition indeed, and not only will it for the first time not be held at Cafe Pause in Ikebukuro, it will also not be on the first Monday of the month. I am very pleased to announce that PauseTalk Vol. 60 will be part of the upcoming Magazine Library 10 exhibition, taking place at Hillside Terrace in Daikanyama on May 3-13. The exhibition is a lovefest for magazines, and so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that I associated myself with it — on top of the PauseTalk, we will have aPechaKucha event (May 11), as well as the return of Radio OK Fred with two live editions (May 3 and 4).

The PauseTalk will cap the exhibition, happening on Sunday, May 13, with a start time of 15:00. Yes, it will be an afternoon edition, and although I’m sure the topic of magazines will pop up a lot, expect a regular session of PauseTalk, with people sharing ideas and opinions on all things creative. I do hope that many of you will be able to make it for this special edition — and yes, like I did for last year’s 50th edition, I do plan on producing a few badges for the first people who arrive.

Heading to Milan

I’m heading to Milan! Leaving in just a bit for a trip to the Milano Salone, where we’ll be hosting 4 specialPechaKucha events at a temporary club space built by Heineken just for the Salone, designed by a group of up and coming designers we helped find through a series of special PechaKucha Nights in Sao Paulo, Tokyo, New York and Milan last year.

It should be a blast, we’ve got great lineups for each night, including a few PechaKucha Night organizers. The events are happening Tuesday through Friday (April 17-20), from 17:00 to 19:30. I’m afraid the first night (Tuesday) is invitation-only, but all other nights are open to all, so come on down and say hi! The venue is the Heineken Open Design Explorations club space, which is located in Milan’s Tortona area, at the intersection of via Bugatti and via Forcella.

Oh, and we have kept a few slots open (maybe just 1-2 left now I think), so if you are in Milan and have something really cool to present get in touch.

PauseTalk Vol. 59

I don’t quite know what happened for April’s PauseTalkVol. 59, but not only did we beat the attendance of last month (which was already high) with a total of about 30, but it also marked the first visit of PechaKucha co-founder (and my boss) Mark Dytham at the event. I was very happy to hear afterward that he quite enjoyed it — it’s no secret that I was inspired by PK when I started PT, thinking that it would be interesting to have a more intimate kind of event, with the presentations replaced by a group discussion.

The talk moved around various topics as it often does, and I think much fun was had by all — and the “all” was made up of a nice mix of semi-regulars, new faces, and a few returning champions. Again, as with every event, I need to thank everyone who attended and helped make it such a great evening.

On the topic of the next PauseTalk, it will be the Vol. 60, which also marks the 6th anniversary of the series, and I have something a bit special planned. As most of you know, I have a certain fondness for magazines, and so PauseTalk Vol. 60 will be held as part of the upcomingMagazine Library 10 event in Daikanyama, at Hillside Terrace — this will be the first time it isn’t held atCafe Pause. The full event runs May 3-13, and I’ll soon be able to confirm on what day the PauseTalk will happen, but I can tell you that it won’t be on the first Monday of the month, as usual.

Below, the list of participants who signed the attendance sheet. Michael Holmes was again there and took plenty of photos, but he hasn’t shared those photos yet — the photo at the top of the post is from last month’s Vol. 58 (see the full gallery here).

PauseTalk Vol. 58

No, these are not the participants from this month’sPauseTalk — which was a fantastic event, but more on that in another post — these are rather the participants from March’s PauseTalk Vol. 58 (held on March 5) which I hadn’t put online yet. As you’ll see from the rather extensive list — again, these are just the people who actually signed the attendance sheet, but it’s mostly complete I think — it had a great attendance, and I’d like to thank everyone who came out and helped make it such an interesting and fun night of talk.

So below, the list of those who signed the attendance sheet, and here’s another great Facebook gallery of photos taken at the event by the always amazing Michael Holmes – I had to use that photo of me for the post, because I love the crazy angle it puts on my body. I’ll talk more about when the next event will be held in the post with the Vol. 59 attendance.

Using Paper

I’ve quickly become a big fan of Paper, an app for iPad that does a fantastic job of letting you easily draw, sketch, and write things on your iPad. I should also add paint, as it does a beautiful job of replicating water colors on the screen, not just the intensity, but the mixing of colors as well. I’m already having fun sketching things on it, and I now want to get a stylus for it to try and take notes (which is still a bit awkward to do with your finger).