Tokyo Cafe Walker

… and frequent visits to his favorite cafes. That line is part of the profile blurb I’ve had on my site for quite a while now, and it really was true. During my first few years in Tokyo, I would cut out articles or reviews (photos with info) on cafes and bars that I found […]

CSR Racing

I played a free-to-play game to completion. I’m quite surprised by this. The game in question is CSR Racing on iOS, and let me qualify my initial statement by adding that there are still extra races I could do, but I’ve beaten all the “bosses,” as well as each ladder series in all 5 tiers […]

There and Back Again

The Moncton Boys will soon be together again. I first came to Asia (to China) in 1997, and then in 1998 I moved to Tokyo. That year, I started what would now be called a group mailing list with friends from back home (my hometown of Moncton in Canada). It was simplified in the sense […]