A Weekend in Nagano

Less than a week after climbing Fuji, I was back in the mountains. The Fuji trip had in fact been a last-minute one, and for some weeks now we had been planning a trip back to Nagano, to the Kamikouchi park, to first make our way to the Karasawa hut, and then explore a few […]

Toe and Nathan

I may blog for myself, but this sure made me feel good. I was checking my @replies on Twitter, and saw this tweet: 8 years ago today, @jeansnow posted this http://jeansnow.net/2004/09/24/groovisual-diary/ …and that’s how @nathanadams found me. Thank you, Jean. I still owe you a lot! It was posted by Toe Adams (@pantone185), and this […]

Mount Fuji

I climbed Mount Fuji last week. It’s the sort of thing you figure I’d have done before — considering the number of years I’ve lived in Japan, and also the fact that me and my wife are pretty avid mountaineers. But we’d just never gotten around to it, and one of the main reasons that […]

The Hachiko of Ikebukuro

My dog escaped again. He’s done so a few times over his three short years, and it’s hard to get angry. Unfortunately, he suffers from a bad case of separation anxiety, which basically means he don’t groove when he’s left alone. Who knows how it happened, but it may be tied to the fact that […]

Blogger, Since 2002

I’ve been blogging for 10 years. Yesterday (September 4) marked the 10th anniversary of this blog — here’s the very first post. I’ve been writing on the web for longer than that though. Soon after I moved to Japan, I decided I wanted to develop a personal project that would somehow keep me in contact […]