A Cup of Water

My dog gets a personalized cup when he goes to Starbucks. I’ve already written about the fact that we often go to our local Starbucks with him, and he’s become so familiar that not only does the staff usually bring out a cup of water for him, but as pictured in this post, they include […]


I’m in a cyberpunk state of mind these days. What mostly kickstarted it was me finally getting my copy of the Android: Netrunner core set, something I had been excitedly waiting on for months. An update of the classic collectible card gamefrom the nineties, and designed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, it pits […]

PechaKucha Mix

What do vacation photos say about you? I was able to find out what they meant to others, by way of PechaKucha. While I was in Canada for a 2-week visit to my hometown back in August, all the photos I took were with my iPhone, shared through Instagram. After the trip, I was contacted […]

CAGcast 300

300 of anything is impressive, let alone a weekly podcast. To CheapyD and the CAGcast crew — Wombat and Shipwreck — huge congrats on reaching episode 300 this past week. I can’t remember exactly from which number I started listening (I think it was in early 100s), but I do remember the story that kicked off […]


Sniff. I used to suffer from really bad hayfever every summer in Canada, and when I moved to Japan, it didn’t affect anymore. I was so happy. Then, maybe 6-7 years ago, when spring allergy season came through — because of the damn overabundance of cedar trees — with news that the pollen was at […]