The Eve

The end of the year draws near. Ever since I’ve lived in Japan, I’ve always enjoyed celebrating New Year’s Eve in a quiet (and what I think is a relatively traditional) way. It’s late in the afternoon, and my wife is preparing lots of good food for dinner — in years past we’ve often just […]

Holiday Break

My holidays start… here. As I’ve probably written on this blog a bunch of times over the years, Christmas isn’t much of thing here in Japan — and in fact I was at the office on that very day — but the New Year is. That means that PechaKucha HQ — located within the KDa […]

Favorite Media of 2012

This is what I liked this year. The most. Every year (2010, 2011) I prepare a list of my favorite media, covering games, movies, TV shows, comics, and music — I skip books because I don’t feel like I read enough books in a year. Also, I am a bit loose in terms of when […]

A Merry PechaKucha Christmas

Let’s have a Merry PechaKucha Christmas. The other day I wrote about how I’m not very Christmas-y here in Japan, but we’ve decided to have a bit of Christmas fun with this month’s PechaKucha Night here in Tokyo. We usually skip December — so many people are away — but this year we decided to […]

A Codex Christmas

The Codex is going Christmas-y for a second time. Two years ago, in the very early days of the Codex — my almost weekly podcast — I recorded a Christmas episode, and I’ve decided to do another one. I don’t even celebrate Christmas here in Tokyo. I’ve tried a few times, me and my wife […]

Falling for Skyfall

I saw Skyfall, and I loved it. I was quite nervous going in, afraid the film wouldn’t live up to the extended — and, frankly, ridiculous — anticipation I’ve been fueling for the past few months. But it was great. Truly great. I loved the story, the pacing, the characters, the cinematography — dude, that […]