Railroad Tigers

It’s been years since I’ve watched a Jackie Chan movie (I think the last one was his Karate Kid movie), and I hadn’t heard anything about Railroad Tigers (that came out last year), but it popped up on Netflix and I decided to give it a try. I ended up enjoying this. I liked the […]

Black Moon Rising

I definitely remembered the poster/VHS box cover for this movie, but nothing else. After watching it, parts sorta came back to me (like the design of the futuristic car) so I’m guessing I probably did watch it, but that it wasn’t particularly memorable to me. Watching it now, it’s fun to see young Tommy Lee […]

The Mission

I remember this being one of the epic Oscar-worthy films of the time, and it still comes off that way. This is a really good movie, even if it is brutal and sad. I will say that Robert De Niro does seem a bit out of place in this — I don’t think it’s because […]

The Big Easy

The memories I had of this movie were that it was a pretty decent drama, with some very sexy scenes with Ellen Barkin. Re-watching it now, the over-acting kinda ruins it — everyone is trying to put on a super New Orleans accent (especially Dennis Quaid) and it comes off bad. The story isn’t particularly […]

The Delta Force

This is such a weird movie. You go in expecting a typical Cannon actioner, but then not only is it quite long, you can tell that director Menahem Golan was actually trying to say something here, and although I wouldn’t go so far as saying it goes into drama territory, it does take quite a […]

Crocodile Dundee

Just like The Golden Child, this is a comedy from back then that I’m sure I watched quite a few times. Sure, it’s a silly film, but I found it to have aged decently (except for the homophobic humor, which you do see pop up uncomfortably in a lot of 80s movies) and had a […]

The Golden Child

This movie was never considered an Eddie Murphy classic, but I’m pretty sure I loved it a lot when I was a kid — re-watching it, I was surprised by how many of the lines sounded so familiar, which probably means I watched it quite a few times back then. But it’s not really a […]