Ready Player One

Well, I’ll start off by saying that I’m someone how actually had a good time reading the book, an act that seems to have become undefendable. As for the movie, I thought it had its moments and that overall I found myself having a pretty fun time with it. I think my main criticism is […]


The third movie in my Hitchcock marathon is Marnie, not necessarily one of his better known films, but one I remember liking a lot — and of course it doesn’t hurt that it stars Sean Connery. What’s great here is that I had really forgotten how the story went, so I was pretty shocked by […]


Yesterday, in the weekly team newsletter I help produce, I started including a “bandes-dessinées” (Franco/Belgian comics) recommendation column, and figured why not share it here too. Here’s what I started with. I love the sequential arts, and have found myself reading comics, manga, and bandes-dessinées (BD) my entire life. After half a life spent in […]