The Package

Yet another Netflix Original film that I watched recently — mostly because my wife suggested we watch it — and like Little Evil, I was surprised at how much fun I ended up having while watching it. Sure, it’s dumb and raunchy — think American Pie — but maybe I was just really in the […]

Little Evil

This was more fun that I was expecting. Sure, it’s nothing to write home about — as seems to be par for the course for most Netflix Original films — but I did have a pretty good time watching it. Part of it is because of the cast, featuring actors I like, but I think […]

The Wailing

As I wrote after watching Train to Busan, I wanted to watch some more Korean films, and so quickly followed it up with this one, that I’d also been meaning to watch for a while. Terrific film, with incredibly moody and creepy sequences, and very well shot throughout. Highly recommended.

Cabin Fever (2016)

My wife likes watching horror movies, and so when we watch movies together, it’s often horror, and so we watched this one. I didn’t even realize it was a remake of an earlier film (initially directed by Eli Roth, and this time produced by him), and although I’m not going to try and say it’s […]

Jack Ryan Movies

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of the Jack Ryan movies — I like action thrillers in general, and military ones as well — and so I’ve been pretty hyped for the upcoming Jack Ryan TV series (starting on Prime Video next week). In preparation for that, just like I did for the Mission: […]


When it comes to reading stories set in Roman times, my touchstone growing up was the wacky adventures of Astérix the Gaul, but a series I’ve quite enjoyed reading in recent months is Murena, written by Jean Dufaux with art by Philippe Delaby. Set during the reign of Nero, we’re presented with a highly detailed […]


When I recommended Thorgal a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I’m not a big fan of fantasy when it comes to BD, but I did discover another great fantasy series this year, called Servitude. Written by Fabrice David and Éric Bourgier, with gorgeous art by the latter, it’s basically Game of Thrones in feel […]