I’ve been really wanting to see Ryoji Ikeda’s “+/- [the infinite between 0 and 1]” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo — I even included it as a recommendation in a recent edition of the Superfuture Superguide for Tokyo — but haven’t had a chance to see it myself yet. Looks like Max […]


Tokyo-based eco collective PangeaSeed is organizing an event, “No Fin No Future,” on July 30 at SuperDeluxe. From the official website: PangeaSeed will feature a special screening of the award winning documentary Sharkwater. The event will be supported by special guest speaker, Kim McCoy of the Shark Angels, guest bands, and DJ. As well as […]

PauseTalk Vol. 32

Another PauseTalk (Vol. 32), another great audience. Seems like the new plan to reserve Cafe Pause for the event was justified since we again ended up with a 30+ crowd, and the new table arrangement — a pixelated triangle, courtesy of the cafe’s manager — made for a better round-table discussion. We covered quite a […]

Polaroid Portraits

The great polaroid montages you see in this post are part of Remo Camerota‘s new “Polaroid Portraits” project. The project will eventually be shown in an exhibition in Tokyo, and what you see here are some of the latest additions, taken during this week’s PauseTalk (Vol. 32). Above, James Okubo and Erika Nishizato, below, Anna […]


I’ve been meaning to mention it for a while, but a second Kenta Cho shooter is now available for iPhone in the form of Noiz2sa. To be honest, I don’t like it as much as rRootage, but it’s still good fun. For those of you who don’t know, Kenta Cho is an acclaimed independent developer […]

Naked Tokyo 2009

This year’s edition of the “Naked Tokyo” exhibition is happening soon, a one-night event on June 26 at SuperDeluxe. It’s of course very nice to see that a few friends and PauseTalkers are participating, and I do look forward to checking out all the works (I’ve unfortunately missed passed showings). Above, a photo by Carla […]

Web Trend Map 4

Information Architects have released the fourth edition of their annual Web Trend Map, and it’s looking better than ever, all in black. IA’s Oliver Reichenstein dropped by PauseTalk earlier this week, and to hear it from him, it was actually quite an involved process to get the poster produced this year — see photos from […]

Carl Randall's Portrait Project

Carl Randall is a Ph.D. student in oil painting at Tokyo National University of Arts, and he’s looking for volunteers for a new project. He’s currently on the lookout for hundreds of people to pose for portraits that would appear on large canvases, and later exhibited in Tokyo and London. If interested, you can get […]

When at Narita

When at Narita and looking to pick up something to read on your flight, I would indeed highly recommend getting a copy of Arcade Mania. Thanks Audrey, who snapped the photo this morning as she heads to Sweden.