Poguri: The Hole Digging Octopus


For all you Poguri fans out there (I know you are a legion), here’s the latest strip from TOKYO WALKER. The text in the first box basically says something like: “At the end of the year, the hole-digging (or opening) octopus goes to various places to dig holes.”

Remember to read from right to left. You can also see the previous strip I posted here. Poguri is by Nakagawa Isami and appears in every issue of TOKYO WALKER.




I love POGURI, a one-page strip by Nakagawa Isami that appears in every issue of TOKYO WALKER. Remember to read from right to left.

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Kiiiiiii Rock Komaba!



This afternoon, after catching a Resfest program in Harajuku, I was off to the Tokyo University Komaba campus to watch a performance by Kiiiiiii — who I’ve been meaning to see for what seems like ages now. Oh man, what a show! I’ve rarely seen that much energy on a stage. The whole Kiiiiiii thing is really something you have to experience live, as listening to their tracks simply does not do them justice. Do yourself a favor and try to see them next time they have a gig. I believe they might do another show somewhere in early December, and I’ll make sure to mention it here as soon as I get more info. Also, they will be participating in an exhibition in mid-December, something called Index #1: Making Worlds, although I’m not quite sure where. For more info on Kiiiiiii, check my previous posts on them.

Update: Marxy has put up a some video shot during the show.

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Psionic Distortion


The JAPAN TIMES takes a look at the “Psionic Distortion” exhibition that’s taking place at SuperDeluxe. It covers underground manga, with works from artists that were associated with the old GARO magazine (the image above is by Kago Shintaro).

When Missouri-born artist and curator Tim Evans first flipped through the dog-eared pages of an old Garo magazine in 1992 during his college years in California, not only was he introduced to the wilder side of Japanese manga culture, but also to a fresh and dynamic medium for visual expression that would profoundly alter his career.


Evans has now brought together selected works from more than 30 artists, mostly from Japan and the U.S., in an exhibition titled “Psionic Distortion” running Nov. 11-30 at the SuperDeluxe event space in Roppongi, Tokyo.

The multi-media exhibition — which incorporates paintings, sculptures and segments from various artists’ comic books as well as live music events — features both the works of cutting-edge Japanese comics artists like Shintaro Kago and Akino Kondoh and artwork by manga-inspired artists from the States like Kenjji and Toby Barnes.

Read the full article here. Link via Paul.