CS Web Happenings

I’d like to do a roundup of places on the web that have mentioned Canadian Style, so if you have mentioned the event on your site (or have seen a post about it somewhere), please leave a link in the comment section (or email me). I know that it’s been mentioned at the Shift blog […]


Groovisual Diary‘s Toe makes it out to Cafe Pause to have a look at Canadian Style and puts up a few images. I was supposed to meet her there, the first time I’d meet her face-to-face, but I’ve been hit by a cold (I think I was probably holding it back mentally throughout the CS […]

The Press

One thing I wasn’t really expecting with the Canadian Style event — or rather didn’t really think about — was the fact that there might be some interest from the Canadian press. Last Friday I did a phone interview with a Canadian reporter, with the article appearing in Saturday’s edition of Canada’s NATIONAL POST newspaper […]

Canadian Style Mixes

As mentioned in the previous post, Marc Xavier LeBlanc compiled 8 great mixes of Canadian artists for the event, all under various themes. It’s basically an amazing collection of the Canadian independent scene, and here are the mix titles: CANADA… ELECTRO POP, CANADA… FRANCO POP ROCK, CANADA GOES INSTRUMENTAL, CANADA JAZZ… READY OR NOT, CANADA… […]