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Mamma Gun Tote Bag

You know you want a Mamma Gun tote bag! More Cafepress store offerings here. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I don’t get a penny from these.

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Mamma Gun Clock

Jesper is setting up a shop at Cafepress to sell Mamma Gun goods (it was always his intention to keep the brand alive even after the end of the event), and he’s starting things off with a clock! Expect tees and other merchandise to follow soon.

Update: Jesper has added a few more items, including a mug, and apron, and a bag.

Fashion Mamma Gun Stores

Emma & Malena & NCM


Fresh from their contribution at our Mamma Gun event (they still have goods on sale there, in case you’re wondering), Emma & Malena have opened a temporary store at the Next Century Modern offices in Gothenburg. Oh, and NCM is also behind their nice new site.

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Hideki Kaji at Cafe Pause

During our Mamma Gun event at Cafe Pause, Hideki Kaji came over to check things out, and he even blogged about it here (scroll down a bit).

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Mamma Gun Has Left the Building


Some closing words from Jesper over at the TSiG blog about the end of the Mamma Gun event, with a few choice links for those who missed out on everything.

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Mamma Gun for Everyone

Yuki finally gave our (now over) Mamma Gun event at Cafe Pause a visit, and lived to blog the tale. Oh, and she still has t-shirts for sale.

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Mamma Gun at PingMag

PingMag‘s DailyCandy column checks out the Mamma Gun event!

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Son of a Gun Party Pics

Cafe Pause has put up a whole bunch of pics on their site covering all aspects of the Mamma Gun event, including a bunch from last Saturday’s “Son of a Gun” party.

Also, let me invite you all to another “sort of” party we’ll be having at Cafe Pause this coming Saturday night. It’s not an official party (just regular cafe hours and menu), but me and Jesper will certainly be there from 7 to commemorate the end of the Mamma Gun event. And since we still have a lot of vodka from our sponsor (thank you so much, Absolut), expect lots of free shots to be handed out.

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Mamma Gun Tees in Full Color

Look! Mamma Gun tees, in all five colors! Order now!

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Tokyo Art & Design Pool on Flickr


Paul of Tokyo Art Beat has started a new photo pool on Flickr called, appropriately enough, “Tokyo Art & Design.” The TABlog now has a Flickr badge that streams pics from the pool, and it looks great. So join in, and start adding your pics! I’ll be be doing so sometime soon.

Pictured above, from the pool, is a pic Paul took during the “Son of a Gun” party at Cafe Pause this past Saturday.