This is one of those classic movies that I’ve often heard about, but had never gotten around to watching. It’s definitely a strange piece of moviemaking, feeling much more like an experimental film than something that got a mainstream release — there’s no proper narrative, it just follows scenes loosely connected by space, of various […]

The Graduate

Of all the 1967 movies I’ve watched during this marathon (which I’m capping at 10), if I had to chose the best, it would be a tie between this and Belle de Jour. The Graduate was even better than I remembered, not only with a story that is still fun to follow, but with cinematography […]

Bonnie and Clyde

The thing that I found so strange about this movie is just how wacky it is — most of the characters, including the two mains, are constantly played over-the-top, which for some reason I wasn’t expecting, this being a sorta biopic and all. I liked it so-so, but for me the absolute best moment was […]

In Like Flint

I’ve been meaning to check out the Flint movies (Our Man Flint, In Like Flint) for quite a while, and just somehow never got around to it. Since the sequel came out in 1967 (and so part of my current movie marathon), it gave me the opportunity to finally watch one, aaaand… I really disliked […]

Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

I can definitely enjoy a good musical — my issue with Moana was that I didn’t like the songs — and Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Girls of Rochefort) is truly a classic. By the director of Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg), it features a fantastic soundtrack, but more than that, […]

Casino Royale

The last time I watched this movie was when I was a kid, and I remember hating it. Sure, it’s a Bond film, but it’s a parody of one, and I just didn’t get it. Re-watching it now, I still hate it. I just don’t find it funny at all, and nothing in it makes […]

Point Blank

Continuing with my 1967 movie marathon, I re-watched Point Blank, which I had first watched a few years ago. I really like this movie, and the reason I had checked it out was because I was such a big fan of Darwyn Cooke’s Parker graphic novels, which are adaptations of Richard Stark’s series (this movie […]

Le Samourai

For my second film of 1967, I look again towards France — there just happens to be a bunch of French films from that year that I’d like to watch, either again or for the first time. This one, Le Samourai, is somethingĀ I had never seen, but I had long heard of it, and it […]