City Pop

On top of that fantastic Shinichiro Yokata mix I mentioned the other day, I’ve also been musically obsessing over “city pop” of late, after I came across this piece. Just let all the YouTube mixes on that page guide you through the smooth sounds of 80s Japan. Kinda goes well with my current 1986 movie […]

Daicon III & IV

Following on my 80s anime playlist, I re-watched the two Daicon shorts, which I still find to be fantastic, especially the second one. These are animated shorts that were created for two conventions — Daicon III and IV — and have never been released commercially since they liberally borrow from all sorts of famous properties. […]

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

I recently noticed that the Robotech series from the 80s was added to Netflix (in Canada), and so I thought I’d start watching it. I have memories of really liking the series back when I was kid, but also that I had barely watched any of it, probably because it was only available on cable, […]

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

As I mentioned in my fall 2016 post, the second season of this Gundam series started this month, and that got me wanting to check out the series from the start. I’ve gotten into Gundam this year in a big way, but have been sticking so far with shows that take place in the Universal […]