Tag: Furniture

  • Keiji Ashizawa’s Drawer Shelf

    I’m a bit surprised I missed this, but Keiji Ashizawa this year developed a drawer/shelf combo unit appropriately called Drawer Shelf. It’s also featured in the current issue of Wallpaper, as part of the “Fab 40” for Japan survey.

  • Mobile Dining

    Great furniture design by Nobuhiro Teshima dating back to 2006: the Mobile Dining stowaway table. It not only folds away, the height is also adjustable. Via Boing Boing.

  • Isolation Unit + Karimoku

    Isolution Unit teams with furniture manufacturer Karimoku for a new collection, to be previewed at next week’s 100% Design Tokyo (October 30 to November 3). More details and images over at Designboom.