New Edition of Power-Up

Speaking of Nintendo, this week marks the release of a brand spanking new edition of Chris Kohler’s Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World An Extra Life. I worked for Chris the year I was a contributor to Wired‘s Game|Life (in 2008), and always wanted to read his book, but it’s been long out-of-print. Not […]

TGS 2010, From 8 to 4

Most people think of me — and with reason — as someone who is tied to the art and design world, and so often don’t really understand why I tweet so much about gaming-related topics, or why I hang out with so many people who work in the gaming industry. It’s no secret that gaming […]


What do I do on Friday nights? Well, this last one I decided to build a site from scratch from an idea I had earlier this week (last Saturday night, actually) and the result is now online, and called Game. As I explain in the “About” page, the idea is simply to recommend games — […]