Tag: Klein Dytham architecture

  • Picchio Visitors Centre and Ice Rink

    The latest project from Klein Dytham Architecture (my ex-employers, while working at PechaKucha) is the Picchio Visitors Centre and Ice Rink in Karuizawa — Dezeen has a full post showing off the beautiful complex.

  • Designart

    I’m very happy to see the arrival of the new Designart (“Design & Art”) festival in Tokyo, set to take place for the first time in October of this year. I’m especially happy because among the founders are Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham, who I of course worked with during my last 6 years in…

  • New Year Love from AQ and KDa

    I don’t receive New Year cards (nengajo) like I used to — although I still enjoy looking at a lot of them, courtesy of Spoon & Tamago and 8-4. In fact, I only received two this year, but they were both from people I love so much. Up top is the card sent by design crew AQ,…

  • YouTubing in Japan

    The Japan Times has a piece up that looks at the popularity of foreign YouTubers in Japan, with a focus on a Canadian called Sharla, and her YouTube channel “Sharla in Japan.” It’s interesting to see how things have changed since we were seeing the start of stuff like this a decade or so ago (late…

  • Ginza Place

    The latest project from my former employer (and good friends) Klein Dytham Architects is a gorgeous one, and takes the form of the brand new Ginza Place building in Ginza, which hosts swanky new showrooms for Nissan and Sony. It opened today. Here’s how KDa’s Mark Dytham describes the project: Our latest project, Ginza Place, opens…

  • Secret Garden

    I have to say I’m quite a fan of these secret gardens you hear about, located on Tokyo rooftops. The one pictured above is not in Tokyo, but rather in Isezaki (Gunma prefecture), and was designed by Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects. I’ve been told that KDa‘s Astrid Klein has one of her own.

  • Dezeen Stumbles on KDa Show

    Although it’s great that Dezeen has decided to cover KDa‘s Gallery MA show by posting a collection of photos, they really do need to get their facts straight — the exhibition is not “on show,” it was held earlier this year from April to June.