Patlabor the Fanzine

My buddy Matt Schley brings to my attention a fantastic zine (3rd issue) that he’s produced with a group of people — under the Colony Drop monicker — that is dedicated to one of those classic anime series you should watch if you haven’t (or as they describe it, “the one giant robot show that’s […]

LineRead on iPad

At the end of my post on the first issue of Longshot, I was complaining about how I was having trouble finding some good things to read on the MagCloud iPad app, and it’s only now I find out that both issues of Michael Bojkowski‘s excellent self-published LineRead magazine — through his Press Publish imprint […]

Longshot, the 48 Hours Magazine

You may remember the experiment earlier this year that saw contributors from all over the world get together over a 2-day period to produce a magazine, appropriately called 48HRS. The issue was then released through the MagCloud print-on-demand service, but at the time it was still limited to orders from the US and UK. A […]