Muji Hotel

When I saw this mentioned on Muji’s Instagram account the other day, my jaw dropped: Muji is producing a hotel — along with a new flagship store — in Ginza, set to open in 2019. As this Spoon & Tamago post reveals (and that’s also where you’ll find more details on the Ginza project), it’s […]

Muji Books

Well, since I left Japan, looks like Muji has launched dedicated “Muji Books” sections in some of their stores (pictured, a Muji Books in Shanghai). The big Muji stores — like the flagship Yurakucho one — always had small book sections, but now it looks like we have proper bookstores within their stores. Makes me […]

Muji Hut

I want a Muji Hut. Sure, it’s rather pricey at 3 million yen (around $30,000), which includes the construction costs, but still, I imagine this little thing somewhere on a mountain, to relax in. They go on sale this fall (Japan only).