Haikasoru Humble Book Bundle

Storybundle did a Haikasoru book bundle a while back that I bought (Haikasoru is Viz’s imprint for Japanese sci-fi novels), and this time it’s Humble Bundle with a differnt selection. I have a horrible track record when it comes to reading books (I spend too much time reading comics and magazines), but I’m still going to pick this up, and add it to my book pile of shame.



I first came across the Haikasoru imprint through a StoryBundle I bought earlier this year. It specializes in translations of Japanese sci-fi, and has already published quite a few famous titles, like All You Need Is Kill (that was turned into the film Edge of Tomorrow), as well as Battle Royale and Ico novels. Pictured are three anthologies they’ve released, that were all part of that bundle I got, and which I still need to get around to reading (I’m terribly behind on everything I have to read in my iBooks app).

Dimension W


This is a series that aired in Japan at the start of the year, and I just happened to come across. I’ve watched the first 3 episodes, and absolutely love it. It’s a sci-fi story that takes place in a near-future where energy is supplied to the world thanks to the discovery of an energy-rich 4th dimension (“Dimension W”). We follow a “collector” whose job is to retrieve illegal energy sources. The animation is super slick and stylish, and I’m really enjoying the characters. I wouldn’t go so far as comparing it to shows like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, but I’m sorta getting a vibe that reminds me of those shows (which are among my favorite series). Really happy I found this.