New Year 2017 Visuals

If you were to ask me what my favorite New Year images I’ve seen shared so far, first up would be the Mother-inspired illustrated piece by Amelicart (pictured above, via this tweet), and then the Legend of Zelda illustration shared by Nintendo, below, which pays tribute to classic imagery of the original game (both below).

Ready for Zelda Year


I’d had my eye on that Zelda calendar you see in the photo, and while at HMV yesterday I saw that they had it at 25% off, and so that was that, I had to grab it. I’m of course super excited for the release of Breath of the Wild next year, and so this helps 2017 get even more Zelda-y. A bit later in the afternoon I spotted the mug you also see in the photo at EB Games, and so grabbed that as well. Oh, and I also started playing the original The Legend of Zelda game on my NES Classic Edition this weekend.

Famicom Manuals


As I wrote earlier, I’m a very happy owner of an NES Classic Edition, and I find it pretty neat that Nintendo has put online the original printed manuals for all 30 of the games included in the set. Even better though I think are the manuals for the Famicom. Picture, the cover to Japan’s Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

The Legend of Zelda Meets Ghibli


The following trailer by Matt Vince for an imaginary The Legend of Zelda animated film by Studio Ghibli is borderline torture (while being fantastic at the same time). Oh to dream for such a thing to happen. He created the trailer following the popularity of a few posters he produced last year that imagined such a film happening.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD


It’s been an absolute joy to revisit this game, and it really does look great with its new HD sheen, and like with Wind Waker HD, I enjoy the handiness of having my map and items on the Wii U controller. Sure, there are occasional frustrations – like anytime you ride Epona, with her clunky controls, or that goddawful puzzle in the Sacred Grove with the two statues – but it doesn’t detract from the otherwise fantastic time I’m having playing it (as I close in on the end). The Death Mountain temple is just so great, with the use of the magnetic boots, and the water temple is so huge and intricate. I’m finding myself much more in love with this game then when I originally played it on GameCube, and it just makes me wish they would give the same HD treatment to Skyward Sword (and if possible, remove the motion controls), which is the only mainline Zelda game I haven’t played. The Legend of Zelda series as a whole remains my favorite series in games, and there’s no game I’m more excited about than the upcoming new Zelda game on Wii U (and possibly NX).

Hyrule Warriors

Despite the fact that this is mostly a Dynasty Warriors game with a Zelda skin – and I’ve never felt any particular desire to play a Dynasty Warriors game – I so wanted to get this because of, well, Zelda. I’m happy I did get it. Sure, it’s mindless hacking and slashing for the most part, but I’m still getting a huge kick out of controlling all of these Zelda characters, of fighting my way through Zelda enemies, and just the pure Zelda-ness of it all. Did I mention I kinda like Zelda-related things? I even love seeing the cut scenes, with those characters interacting and looking fantastic. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a really big Zelda fan like me, then I think you’ll have fun with this.