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  • Yukihiro Shoda

    Alvaro Arregui’s Nuevo Studio has completed a new branding project, in the form of the very slick web presence of filmmaker Yukihiro Shoda — check out the site.

  • Innovation Japan

    “Innovation Japan” is an initiative launched by the Japanese government to promote innovations happening in Japan on the tech front, in the form of a slick website featuring short videos that touch on a variety of topics (cybernetics, RFID, smart maintenance, etc.)

  • Tokyo Graphic Designers

    One of the creatives interviewed in that Mt. Takao photo essay is Riccardo Parenti, who is behind a terrific site, Tokyo Graphic Designers, that offers up tons of resources for graphic designers who would like to go work in Japan.

  • dshott.co.uk 4.0

    My buddy Duncan Shotton has just re-launched his website, which now does an even better job of showing off his wonderful — and fun — products. Via Canvas.

  • Nicely Responsive

    It’s been a running joke for a decade that websites in Japan are, well, shit. It’s pretty great to see that things are improving, taking this site for example, which showcases a beautiful use of typography in a smartly responsive package. Found via this tweet.

  • State of Tokyo

    State of Tokyo is a rather nice new site by Alex Abian covering the people and places of Tokyo, with beautiful photography throughout. Looks like it’s going to be fun to follow, with coverage of places like Takeo, a tiny little restaurant in Shibuya that is run in the mornings by the pictured Takeo (in the…

  • Koya Bound, the Website

    You’ll of course remember Koya Bound, the beautiful photography book that Craig Mod and Dan Rubin recently Kickstarted, covering one of the annual (or is it bi-annual) walks that Craig likes to do. Part of the Kickstarter promise was to launch the content of the book as its own website, and that site has now…

  • Mystery Writers of Japan

    I’m currently in the process of reading Yukito Ayatsuji’s The Decagon House Murders, a mystery novel that was recommended to me by my wife, as Ayatsuji is her favorite mystery novelist. Earlier this year I had done a bit of research about the world of mystery novels in Japan, and Decagon even kicks off with a…

  • Canvas Updates Creatives Listings

    As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a big fan of the Tokyo creatives community site Canvas, developed by my friend Mark McFarlane — and I daresay that PauseTalk played a small role in inspiring its creation (at least Mark was nice enough to say that). I like regularly going to the “Activity” page to see what…

  • Tokyo Soup

    My first reaction when I saw the beautiful new site Tokyo Soup was that, hey, this is what I’ve been trying to do my entire life, but done better. At least on a visual level. Created by Tokyo-based art director Michele Angeloro, it’s a beautiful curated guide to the best that Tokyo has to offer in terms…