Coloring Inside the Lines/Coloring Outside the Lines

My buddy Ian Lynam is simply one of the smartest people I know on this planet, and when he writes something, you should pay attention. His latest zine — which you can order online from his Wordshape webstore — acts as a guide to new graphic design graduates. I also highly recommend his Start Somewhere zine, which sorta inspired me to get writing again (which led to the rebirth of this here blog).

Patlabor the Fanzine

My buddy Matt Schley brings to my attention a fantastic zine (3rd issue) that he’s produced with a group of people — under the Colony Drop monicker — that is dedicated to one of those classic anime series you should watch if you haven’t (or as they describe it, “the one giant robot show that’s most likely to bore the shit out of your friends if you force them to watch it”), Mobile Police Patlabor — probably most famous for its Mamoru Oshii-directed films. I’ve had a look inside, and it’s beautifully produced, with plenty of engaging essays to make you want to spend even more time with the series. Patlabor the Fanzine is only available in print, and can be ordered online through MagCloud.


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 19.33.21

My friend Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko has just produced his first zine, Turbulence, that collects some of his black & white Tokyo photography. It’s a nice little print object, and I’m definitely a fan of what he’s been shooting over the past year or two (following him on Instagram) — in fact, the avatar of me you see in this post (and at my social media accounts) was taken by him. You can order a copy here.