Just got back from seeing the final program presented at the onedotzero_nippon festival, a reprise of the wow+flutter program. It is described as follows:

“a shift from previous editions is felt here with more work with creators tacking narrative and documentary using the skills and techniques picked up through visual experimentation. Still true to its pioneering roots there are also a wide range of styles spanning the full spectrum of animation, motion graphics and abstract experimentation from a wider geographic spread-flagging up mew hot spots and fresh talent. many of these works have been specifically produced for the festival or are receiving their japan premiere airing.”

I really enjoyed this, especially the short “Salaryman”, by Jake Knight. Presented in an extreme letterbox view, the composition was beautiful, and well suited the subject matter (loneliness in the big city).

It really is inspiring to see all of these works presented together like this. I’m already getting excited for the upcoming Resfest in November.