A Quiet Week

It’s been a quiet week. Money is low, so I’m not going out much. I’m also not taking a lot of pictures, which I must remedy quickly. I’m just getting a bit tired of shooting random things, so I think I’m going to start thinking up themes to shoot. Whatever I end up doing, the result will end up here, as well as in my TOKYO BOY picture log at The OPi8 Forum. I also think that it’s about time I get work done on a second issue of my GEISHA e-zine. I took the first issue offline, and I’ll be changing the interface a bit before putting it back up, probably sometime this week. In the meantime, please check out my good friend Jesper Larssen’s TEEZINE, which can be found on his Teefactory website. Go in the Swedish section and you should find it quickly. You can also download a bigger PDF version. You could also try creating a t-shirt for the Teefactory and LOUNGE.72.COM contest.

The following are the records that are on heavy rotation on my iPod:

The White Stripes – WHITE BLOOD CELLS
Sweet Robots Against the Machine – TOWA TEI
Mari Natsuki – LA PAROLE