Month: September 2002

  • The Stilling Project

    The Stilling Project by Nei and Lena has some nice photography, presented in a simple yet attractive slide-show format.


    DELVE is a nice online zine with a nice mix of photography and design. I like the way the magazine is presented, which makes it feel like a print zine.

  • Vanilla Yamazaki

    From Japan Today: Campaign girl Vanilla Yamazaki, 24, takes part in a beef promotion by the Tokyo Meat Industry Co-Operative Association in Shinjuku to improve the industry’s image in the wake of the mad cow disease and mislabeling scandals. Free steak was given to pedestrians.

  • Kitano and 9/11

    Even in Japan, almost everything on TV right now is something about the 9/11 remembrance. Earlier tonight there was a live show with Takeshi Kitano in New York as host. It was very strange seeing him being serious on Japanese TV, as we’re used to seeing him being a complete clown all the time. And…

  • Real Tokyo Market

    I like this graphic for the Real Tokyo Market:


    I’m watching a late-night Japanese animation on TV right now (started at 2am) called RAH-XEPHON. I think it just started, but man, talk about fucked-up. It’s kind of like walking into a David Lynch film during the strange bits. The presentation is very cool, all dark colors, and letter-boxed. It takes place in a sort…

  • Drag Queens in Yoyogi Park

    From Japan Today: Drag queens gather at Yoyogi Park before the beginning of the Tokyo Gay and Lesbian Parade Sunday.

  • iCal

    Apple released their new iCal program today. I’ve already started using it and must say that it’s pretty nifty and easy to use. I’ve been trying to get my schedules in order for a while now, and hopefully this will help out. It’ll also be nice when their iSync program comes out at the end…

  • TD.18

    I just posted a new Tokyo Boy log at The OPi8 Forum. More pics from China.

  • Rawk.

    In Japan we get to see 2 episodes of THE CONAN O’BRIAN SHOW a week, that they show during the weekend on CNBC Asia. I was watching them this week and on one of the shows there was a performance by a band called OK Go. They rawk, and have a definite Pixies vibe. Not…