Month: September 2002


    A few weeks ago I found a website for an independent DV documentary called TOKYO BELOW. I ordered a copy of the DVD from the director, James R. Petix, and finally got my copy yesterday. The short takes a look at the Tokyo underground rock scene, and we are introduced to a few bands. The…

  • Sketch Show

    Right now I’m watching a performance by Sketch Show on NHK (the Japanese public broadcasting channel). Sketch Show is a new project by two members of the classic Japanese electronica trio YMO, who counted Ryuichi Sakamoto as a member. The sound is a natural progression of the electronics pioneered by YMO over 2 decades ago.…

  • Icon Maker

    Make your own icon at Icon Maker.


    Check out SCOUTT, a new online zine by the designers at DESIGNFORFREEDOM.

  • TB.19

    Last night I posted a new log at The OPi8 Forum. Pictures of the Great Wall from my trip last August.

  • onedotzero_nippon

    Just got back from seeing the final program presented at the onedotzero_nippon festival, a reprise of the wow+flutter program. It is described as follows: “a shift from previous editions is felt here with more work with creators tacking narrative and documentary using the skills and techniques picked up through visual experimentation. Still true to its…

  • When I Am King

    If you haven’t done so yet, do check out the online comic When I Am King from Demian.5. It’s really interesting how he uses the Web to tell his story in a non-traditional way. Do take the time to go through all the chapters, as things really evolve (in the way he uses the medium)…

  • Escaperail

    Escaperail is a site that presents pictures of fire escapes. Really nice photography.

  • onedotzero_nippon

    Just got back from the onedotzero_nippon festival. The program I was supposed to see, J-Star, was sold out, so we hung out around Ginza for a few hours until the next program, Wavelength, which featured music videos. I got to see the following: shynola: an eye for an eye / unkle julian gibbs + julian…

  • Digital Film Festival

    Tonight I’ll be checking out one of the programs at the onedotzero_nippon festival. The program I’ll be seeing is called “J-Star” and it features Japanese artists’ works in the digital moving image field. I’ll also try to check out some more programs on Sunday and Monday. I would also like to catch the documentary called…