Month: September 2002

  • GEISHA.1

    I’ve put my GEISHA e-zine back online. You can get to it by clicking on the icon near the bottom of this page.

  • A Quiet Week

    It’s been a quiet week. Money is low, so I’m not going out much. I’m also not taking a lot of pictures, which I must remedy quickly. I’m just getting a bit tired of shooting random things, so I think I’m going to start thinking up themes to shoot. Whatever I end up doing, the…

  • TB.22

    A new log is up at The OPi8 Forum. A few pics from my neighborhood, plus one leftover pic from China.

  • MK12 Version 4

    Do yourself a favor and check out the brand-spanking new site of the motion-design group MK12. Feel the ninja love.

  • LOGO

    I just watched a great program on BBC World called LOGO. It takes a look at commercial culture in all its extremes. The show I saw at segments covering subjects such as demonstrator training camps, the Hello Kitty obsession, the way to sell soap, and France versus McDonald’s. Reminds me that I’ve been wanting to…

  • TB.21

    Just put up a new log at The OPi8 Forum. The last of the China pics.

  • Momus

    Momus, who is presently based in Tokyo, is hard at work on a new album, tentively titled OSKAR TENNIS CHAMPION, and he’s writing a log of the creation process, which should be updated weekly. It definitely makes for interesting reading.

  • e-sheep

    For some really great online comics, do check out e-sheep. All the comics are produced by Patrick Farley.

  • TB.20

    I just posted the 20th edition of my TOKYO BOY weblog at The OPi8 Forum.


    My twice-weekly log I do for The OPi8 Forum gets a mention in today’s edition of Warren Ellis’ new weekly column, BRAINPOWERED, which can be found at the artbomb site. You should be reading Warren’s comics, so if you’re not, get more info at his site. Also check out his recently launched weblog.