Last Night

Last night I spent a lot time looking into the Movable Type system. Similar to what Blogger does, the nice thing about MT is that it’s openware, meaning it’s not a big company controlling everything (and that ultimately has the option to shut you down anytime it wants). With MT, you install all the cgi scripts on your server, so you’re doing everything. There are also a lot of nice features that aren’t in Blogger, like letting people comment on all the posts, email update notices, and a lot more. It also gives you more power over customizing everything. I’ve got it up and running right now, and I’m still playing around with it to adjust to my needs, and to customize the style sheet into what I want to use (basically, I want something similar to what you see now, as I want to keep the same basic design for my homepage). If everything goes well, I could switch over to MT sometime this week.