Still Mac-ing Away

I’m still spending way too much time with my new iMac. What an amazing machine! I still can’t get enough of that huge 17″ widesreen display. I’ve been busy moving all my stuff from my iBook (which isn’t too hard to do, since you can just put it in Target Firewire Mode and plug it directly into the iMac), as well as ripping a whole bunch of CDs, which I couldn’t do anymore on my iBook since I had no more space. The speakers that come with it are also really nice. I’ve been listening to music constantly ever since I got it. Next step is to start playing around with video again, and do some editing. I’ll probably try doing a little video project this weekend.

Outside of the Mac experience, I can say that it’s finally getting pretty chilly in Tokyo. No more t-shirt weather. But that means that it’s time again to start taking hot baths after I wash myself, which I sort of missed during the Summer. You gotta love those high Japanese bathtubs.

This weekend sees the Tokyo International Film Festival start, and I would like to see a few movies that will be presented, especially since they’ll all be shown with English subtitles. All depends on what I can afford really, since passes tend to be expensive, and the finances are sort of tight these days. I’m definitely looking forward to the RESfest, which takes place at the end of November here in Tokyo. Better start saving now.

My favorite track right now is one done by a friend of mine (Marc Xavier LeBlanc) under the name My Lost Era called “And Then Some…” It’s got a nice Stereolab/Unrest groove to it. Me likes.