Month: December 2002

  • Zelda

    The past few days have all been about the new Zelda game, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: KAZE NO TAKUTO, for me. Just released about 2 weeks ago in Japan (only next March in North America), I got it as a Christmas gift for Yuko, and I am just so incredibly amazed by this game. Beautiful,…

  • Mary Timony

    I found this great little short starring Mary Timony, from the band Helium. Shot on 16mm, it’s called DREAM MACHINE, and it tells the story of a shy Japanese boy who meets up with a sad singer at a karaoke bar. The soundtrack, all by Timony, is also really good. The following is a direct…

  • Cosplay

    This is Japanese cosplay (short for “costume play”). Follow the link for lots more pics from the MAINICHI DAILY NEWS coverage of the Cosplay Festa 2002 in Korakuen.

  • Anger Over Ramen

    One of the TV channels will be showing a 5-hour special that will take a look at the 99 best ramen shops in Japan on New Year’s Eve, and it seems that the network has been swamped by complaints over the show. I guess that they feel that something like that isn’t really appropriate for…

  • Chicken

    I was definitely a happy camper last night. Last year I didn’t have any chicken or turkey around Christmas time (as all the restaurants that offer Xmas meals are so damn expensive), but last night the wonderful Lele cooked us a delicious roast chicken (I didn’t even know you could buy a whole chicken in…

  • Readymade

    Well, last Friday night was the big Readymade Festival at Yellow in Nishi-Azabu, and I have to say that I think I won’t be going back to Yellow. The music was great, as well as all the performances (especially Karia Nomoto, and the burlesque show by Romantica), but the place was soooo packed that it…

  • Walkabout

    Had a very nice day yesterday. Started out by getting up very early (well, 10, which is early for me) to meet up with a friend in Harajuku. We wanted to walk around and check out a few places, of course always keeping an eye out for anything unexpected that might be interesting. We started…

  • Tissue san

    Tissue san: “Living as tissue is busy every day (actually doesn’t look so). Usually working in a living room of Tanaka’s.”

  • The Sushi Seal Family

    The sushi seals are a happy seal family that lives in today’s times. The concept behind The Sushi Seals Family is “Teletubbies” meets “South Park”.”

  • Cutie Vuitton

    Check it out, Takashi Murakami versus Louis Vuitton. Expensive graffiti indeed. (Thanks to Jesper for the link.)