Anger Over Ramen

One of the TV channels will be showing a 5-hour special that will take a look at the 99 best ramen shops in Japan on New Year’s Eve, and it seems that the network has been swamped by complaints over the show. I guess that they feel that something like that isn’t really appropriate for the last evening of the year, that something more “special” should be schedules. Go figure. I’ll probably be watching parts of it, hoping that quite a few of my favorite Ikebukuro ramen shops make it in the top 10 again.

Last night was quite the feast. We went to the food floor at Seibu (the second biggest department store in the world – the biggest one, Tobu, is right next to it) and bought a whole bunch of goodies, and it ended up being all French food (from a nice shop from Alsace in France). Chicken stuffed with vegetables, somekind of potatoe mix with meat and cheese (maybe patates dauphinoises), cheese, bread, wine, oh my… One day later and my stomach is still full!