Went to Naka-Meguro today to meet up with Jason and do a bit of walking around. We had lunch at the Organic Cafe, where I could partake in the sizeable (a rare thing for a trendy spot I find) and tasty Triple-Decker Sandwhich. We then walked around a bit, checking out Cow Books, which exhibits an interesting design sense, what with scrolling text all around the store, and a comfortable and well lit table in the middle of the store. The selection was a bit pricy though (old edition of THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE going for 8000 yen), so nothing I really cared to pick up. After some more walking around, checking out all the interesting street art (look for that in the next few daily pics on the site), we went to Chano-ma, a nice little cafe/bar perfectly hidden (no sign, even on the building listing) on the 6th floor of a building. The place would make for a better visit at night, with a great view of the city, and a bit of subtle lighting.

We then seperated, as Jason had to go to work, and I stopped in Shibuya on the way back. I checked out the magazine floor of Tower Records, and picked up an interesting little London/Tokyo free zine (except that they were charging 300 yen for it, so not really free) called EXPOSURE. I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet, but it has lots of interesting design stuff. Then it was off to Parco, where they had a big sale of foreign books at the Parco Book Center (P-BC), in their Logos Gallery. Picked up two French graphic novels by Jiro Taniguchi from a series called LE JOURNAL DE MON PERE. It seems to tell the story of a boy growing up in Japan during the fifties or sixties. I look forward to reading them, and they were a steal at 1000 yen each.

A good day.