It’s strange, but I think I’m actually glad to be back at work. With 3 weeks of holidays, plus a first week of work that still gave me 3 days off, I think I was starting to get restless. This week I find myself looking forward to heading out to the schools to teach, and I’m having a pretty good time with the kids too. I have to say, this job can be a good one, and it’s pretty much stress free. How many people can say that they spend their days laughing with kids, and then get paid good money for it. Sure, at times I find myself thinking that I could be doing something more worthwhile, but then again, helping children learn a new language is not such a waste of time. And you know what? I’ve had kids that have stayed with me for quite a few years, and they’re actually capable of a lot now (especially when it comes to comprehension, which is probably the hardest thing to master when you’re trying to learn a language). Makes me feel like I’m doing some good.