A friend of mine, Leon, is leaving Japan in a few days, and yesterday he come over for a last visit before his return to Australia. We decided to check out a Chinese restaurant in Ikebukuro that we’d heard good things about (but still hadn’t gotten around to checking out), Seiryumon. The lunch special I had was delicious (beef and noodles in sticky oyster sauce, and some shark fin dumplings), and the place was really neat. You’ll get to see the inside with tomorrow’s pic.

On Monday it was a return to Shibuya for another try at the immigration offices (with everything going smoothly, except for the 45 minute wait), and a lunch date with Jason at Beams’ Time Cafe. Had a delicious plate of hayashi rice (a sauce which is sort of a mix of red wine, demi-glace sauce, and a few Japanese ingredients). The BGM was great, with alternating tracks of Yukari Fresh and Fantastic Plastic Machine.