A Rainy Day in Aoyama

So, as planned, yesterday I went out to Aoyama, even though it was rainy day (thankfully the sun is out again today). I had made a mistake, and it wasn’t TOKYO SCENE that we were supposed to distribute, but rather Exposure. We didn’t end up doing that (issues weren’t ready yet) and instead started out by having coffee at a nice cafe called Dragonfly. The music was good, and I look forward to going there again on a nice day when we can take advange of the outdoor seating on the terrace. Then it was off to the Rocket Gallery for the Milky Hips exhibit (see pictures in the previous entry), which was much smaller than I thought. It was still interesting to see huge versions of the pics. I find it interesting that all the models used are supposedly just people that the photographer approached on the street. We then checked out a few shops in the area (including the excellent Aoyama Book Center) before Jason had to leave for work (he’s a copy editor at THE JAPAN TIMES). I then walked to the Tower Records in Shibuya to pick up the latest issue of the English version of Shonen Jump, which I’ve really been enjoying lately.

As mentioned, today is turning out really nice, so I’m soon going to go out and wander around Ikebukuro. I think I might also go see the latest James Bond film, DIE ANOTHER DAY. I’ve seen every James Bond film since OCTOPUSSY in 1983 at the theatre, so it’s sort of tradition that I plan on keeping (even though I’ve already seen the new movie from a downloaded AVI file).