I feel so stupid today. I hadn’t really checked the new calendar that I was given yesterday by my boss, and today I showed up at my school (all the way out in West Tokyo) even though today was a day off. Shitty. A waste of a few hours, as well as the transportation money to go there and come back. The worse is that I’ve done this before, at another school last year (which takes even longer to get to). I usually have all my closed school days setup in my iCal, which alerts me a day before, but I hadn’t setup the new calendar dates yet, not really thinking that I would have a closed school day so soon (today is officially the first day of the school year).

Add to this the last 2 hours I’ve spent stressing over the fact that I couldn’t get in to my blog after having changed the password. I finally found out that it was just a matter of deleting the cookie in my browser. Aaargghhh…

Let this day be over, quickly!