Art in Roppongi

Who would ever have associated Roppongi (the sleezy bar center of Tokyo) with a growing art scene? Taken from the REALTOKYO site:

Following new openings of art spaces in Shinkawa, a building dedicated to art opens its doors this time on Roppongi’s Imoaraizaka. The 37-year-old building accomodates Ota Fine Arts, Hiromi Yoshii + Gallery Koyanagi viewing room, Taro Nasu Gallery, Roentgenwerke, and Gallery Min Min, and on the ground floor a bar will cater to culinary delights. Opening events are mostly held in the form of group exhibitions of works by the managing artists, so in the next couple of weeks this is the place to meet lots of artworks all at once. With the Mori Art Museum’s opening ahead in October, Roppongi is in the middle of transforming into a true art area.