New Keitai

The big news today is that I got a new keitai (Japanese word for mobile phone that everyone uses here, even foreigners who speak no japanese), one that lets me take pictures and film short 5 second videos. This of course means that the moblogging I recently started is now going to go into high gear, starting with its own little section. The plan is to have a sideblog, seperate form the main blog that you’re presently reading. I’ve gotten some tips on how I should go about setting it up by the very friendly Japan Blogging mailing list, so I’m hoping I can maybe get everything setup within a day or two.

As for GEISHA, I just haven’t been able to work on it since last weekend because of the annoying cold/allergy that has been keeping me down all week. I just haven’t been able to express any creative outbursts over the past few days. I am getting better now, and tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day, which is probably going to keep me inside, and in front of the Mac. The priority right now is to get the new mobile blog going, and then I’ll finish up the zine.

Oh, and one last thing. It’s with great sadness that I’ve come to realize that the truly entertaining BLACK WIDE SHOW seems to have been cancelled. BWS was a semi-serious news program that appeared late-night and featured all the crazy underground news going on in Japan. You know, the kind of stuff that you mostly see in the tabloids. They also featured lots of North Korean content, including lots of footage of North Korean television programming and movies, as well as round table discussions in an izakaya (Japanese pub) by top professors on the subject. One of those professors would even show us his collection of North Korean goods, including condoms (that he assured he never used). I’m really sad to see it go.