My wife Yuko was at the Junkudo bookstore last night, and she caught a man masturbating while standing in back of woman who was checking out some books. She says the guy was realling going at it. She went to get some workers, but the guy quickly ran out. This is not her first encounter with perverts (or as they call them in Japanese, chikan). The other day she was telling me how a few years ago she was sitting in a train, and a guy sitting in the opposite seat was looking at her while wacking off. Nobody did anything. Another time, as she was sitting in a train and people were standing up in front of her (the train was packed) a guy opened his coat to show his penis hanging out (the coat hid the view from the other people sitting next to her). A lot of parks or cemetaries have signs warning women to be careful at night because of previous chikan sightings. The thing to remember though is that they tend to be harmless, and are not generally prone to rape women (I’m sure there are many instances of rape in Japan, but I’m just saying that most perverts that you find in trains and such are mostly masturbaters), although I’m sure that it must be shocking/scary for a woman to be in such a situation.