Some of you who have been visiting the site in the past 24 hours (especially PC users) might have experienced some problems with viewing the new moblog column. I’m hoping that things are OK now, but if there are any more problems, please let me know by commenting here or by sending me an email. I probably should have done some more testing before making the blog go live, but I’ve just been so excited by this that I wanted to launch it as soon as possible. The problem was that the text of one of the entries was too long on PCs (fonts tend to appear smaller on Macs, so I never noticed the problem) and so it screwed up the intended width of the column, pushing out of its space. Also, I made two posts today only to come home and see that the images weren’t showing. It seems that the program that takes care of posting messages saved the images in the wrong place, but this should be taken care of soon enough. I am sorry for these little bugs, but I’m hoping that they won’t be an issue for much longer.