Ongoing Vol. 2

I’m sort of late on this (the event covered the month of April, so only one week left), but this Ongoing event seems interesting. From the RealTokyo description:

This month, a number of bars, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. around Kichijoji station are turning into art spaces. As part of a project aiming to “create occasions to casually get in touch with works of artistic expression in everyday environments,” artworks by young creators are displayed at eleven shops in the area. For the period of the event, the Toki Art Space is converted into the “Kichi Cafe” information center, and that’s where you might want to go first and pick up info while enjoying the place’s delicious sweets. As a nice alternative to the season’s usual cherry blossom viewing, try art viewing with coffee!

There’s a website for the event, but it’s all in Japanese.