Chihara Koh


This Bitcha-Bitcha exhibition by Chihara Koh at the Gas Shop in Nakameguro sounds interesting. Here’s what REALTOKYO has to say about it:

The walls and the floor of the basement room are completely covered with drop art. For me personally, Chihara Koh is the most talented “outlaw” graphic designer in town. You won’t find here “pieces to decorate,” and rather than just space design, somehow it’s still a piece of graphic work. Intention or coincidence? Is this space environment or the artwork itself? And is it an act, or is it the result? The crushing strike of this incredible expressiveness makes me dizzy. The delicacy that accomplishes certain roughness and gives rise to complications, as well as the result’s defiant attitude toward the visitor — it’s all here in this room. The breaths of the trees along Meguro River mix with the air of the painted GAS basement for a perfect double punch.