Yohji Yamamoto

With all the comments regarding Yohji Yamamoto in my previous entry, I’ll mention the photo exhibit “May I Help You?” that’s taking place at the Hara Museum. Here’s what REALTOKYO says about it:

With the pressure of having to come up with fresh, original looks for every new collection, the job of a fashion designer is a pretty tough one. With his clothes, Yohji Yamamoto has been ranging among the top designers of the business, and even the photographers who capture his creations on film are often influenced by his own style. This exhibition shows pictures of “Yohji Yamamoto” shot by Sarah Moon, Nick Knight, and 8 other photographers, and offers glimpses of the high-quality creative world they were dragged into. The sceneries of bodies that are wrapped in Yamamoto garments and scattered about rooftops, gardens, and other places are nicely arranged and fun to look at.