Oh man, I so wish my Japanese was better so that I could attend the following, which also happens to take place on my birthday (from REALTOKYO):

An independent Korean movie with the silly, long title “Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine in Daehaknoh (Tehanno)” (which is only about half the length of the original Korean title!) is going to be shown in the late shows of Musashino-kan in Shinjuku from 5/31. Prior to the film’s start, producer Muto Kiichi, who ventured to buy this flick, treats visitors to a feast of nonsense/Korean cinema in the “Tehanno Night.” It’s surely going to be a deep night of film and talk with such authorities as director Matsunashi Tomoko, whose grotesque comedy “Kinmirai Kanikosen” was recently shown at BOX Higashi Nakano, and others invited to participate. There’s no knowing what they’ll come up with at this event, so better go and see by yourself.