Today’s outing in Kamakura was really nice. I first got the idea to go when I read an article in this week’s TOKYO WALKER that was mentioning how the ajisai flower (very traditional Japanese flower that you often see on kimonos) was now in bloom in many temples in that area. It also spotlighted a few nice cafes. We took the train to Kita-Kamakura station. We started out by visiting the Meigetsu-in Temple, which is where I took the picture of the ajisai that you can see in Tokyo Boy. I’m usually not really into flowers (unlike Yuko), but I must say that the place was beautiful. We then walked around for a bit, slowly heading towards Kamakura station. We walked in front of the Arukamak Cafe (can you figure out the name?) which was one of the cafes features in the TW article. A very interesting and ecclectic place with stacks of magazines to keep us busy. I leafed through some older issues of PEN (even noting a few new places I want to check out), while Yuko was checking out issues of KATEIGAHO. We then continued on our way to the station, stopping at various little shops. Got back home very tired (from Ikebukuro station to Kita-Kamakura is around 1 and a half to 2 hours), but a good tired.