Well, as you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been quite as active as usual around here. Ever since the server problems I was experiencing, I’ve tried to stay away from the computer a bit (it was stressing me out, worrying about the fact that I might have lost all of my blog entries, which are now all safely backed up), and I guess I got used to it. Also, I’ve stepped up the Japanese studies of late, so that’s also taking up some time. As for the guest issue of GEISHA, I was planning on releasing it at the beginning of the month, but with all the problems, I just decided to wait a bit. Right now I’m shooting for a mid-month launch, so look for it probably at the end of the weekend.

Saw THE MATRIX RELOADED the other night, in a packed theater that actually made me nervous that I might not have a seat (they oversell seats in most theatres, meaning that you can end up having to watch the movie standing up if it’s a full house). For the first time, we were seated in the balcony, which was weird at first, but I ended up quite liking it. As for the movie, I absolutely loved it, except for an utterly lame pointless Lollapalooza/Neo-Trinity sex scene which was way too long, uninteresting, and didn’t have any place there. But as soon as the action leaves Zion and we head back into The Matrix (which happens after about half an hour), oh man, things start to fly, and they just never stop. I’m already looking forward to seeing it again.