The Kung-Log program is actually quite nice. For one thing, it lets you have a bigger space to write your entries. Even better, you write everything offline (yes, I have a permanent fiber optic connection to the Internet, but still) and are able to save all the things you write as drafts, which you can then post whenever you need. This means that it’s easier to take the time and write longer entries and such. I don’t know if it’s really going to affect the way I write on the site, but it just might. Up until now, I wrote most of the entries in a pop-up window, which wasn’t ideal for writing something substantial. Then again, the stuff I do here is mostly pointing out happenings, and using my photoblog to share my pics. But I like to think that this site is constantly evolving, and look forward to seeing what it will look like, in content as well as visually, a few months from now.

Presently listening to: “777” from the album 777 by Crazy Ken Band. A big thanks to Patrick for the albums he recently ripped and uploaded for me. You are my musical savior.